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From: Tawny Anema

 "Such a great deal guys!!! I absolutely LOVE my #mahoganymagic shorts! So much I have the white shorts and red pair 😉 I can honestly say they are great quality & even better people behind the scenes.

From: risingsixtraining@******.com

"Hello!  My name is Heather and I am the owner of Rising Six Strength & Conditioning and Rising Six CrossFit in Pittsburgh, PA.  This past weekend, I was the medic director at the CrossFit East Regionals where I met Rob Piparo, the man behind 555 Fitness.  I bought shorts for both my husband and I and just want you to know that your ladies Impact shorts are by far the best I've found!  I am fit, but am also the mother of 3 and typical WOD shorts for women don't "work" for me. I just wanted to drop a note to say how much I love what you've come up with and am excited for our next order to arrive!  Thank you for your products!"


From: sam@******.com

"I just got a pair of your shorts for an early Christmas present and they kick a**!! I was wondering if you do custom designs for businesses? I'm the regional manager of 11 nutrition stores on the east coast. We are starting a small sponsored athlete team and it would be awesome to get some custom shorts made up. Thanks."




From: amnewise@******.com

"I want to thank you guys for making an awesome pair of shorts... They are the most comfortable shorts that I have owned to date. thanks again."





From: @januarywellness

"Thank you @getpastparallel for my new favorite yoga pants!!

They fit like a glove and feel so good!!!"





From: Cookieskip@******.com

"I have a pair of the 7" velocity shorts and they are the best WOD shorts I have ever worn. Thank you."